I respond to commission inquiries by e-mail. If you want to know my additional prices (such as exclusive rights and additional characters) contact me via e-mail. You can also add me on discord for a chat: Indrakin#8181

Or reach out to me on any of my social media.

Terms and conditions

  • I don't do any other art style than my own current style.
  • We (AEGIK) own the artwork and we are allowed to use the art in our portfolio and social media. You can buy exclusive rights for an additional price.
  • Commercial artworks may be sold and printed without exclusive rights but not sold to a third party. We still have the right to use the artwork unless you buy exclusive rights.
  • You may not alter the image in any major way unless you buy exclusive rights.
  • You may request changes and revisions when I show you the initial sketch but no major edits when we've agreed upon the sketch.
  • My preferred payment method is paypal or swish if you live in Sweden.

What I do

I do portraits/half body/full body characters. 

Portraits    72€

Halfbody    160€

Fullbody    240€

Two halfbody 220