I'm a graphic artist with passion for art and games and have been working in the gaming industry for the past 6 years. Currently living in Örebro working as Lead Artist and assisting Art Director.

2011 I decided to follow my passion and become a game artist. I acquired my first job in the industry 2011 with a small indie game company in Stockholm and have since then worked at several other studios around Sweden, acquiring experience in the industry and growing as a professional game artist.

I've always loved games and drawing ever since childhood, I’ve been doing both since as early as I can remember. And when the realization hit me that I could work with both at the same time, I knew that was going to be my career.  I worked on my portfolio for a while after my graduation and eventually applied for a job at a small studio in Stockholm who were looking for a graphic artist. I got a call a day later and went off to the capital for an interview. Since then I've worked at a bigger studio in Malmö and doing a lot of freelance work for CD covers, book covers and private commissions. I'm currently working as Lead Artist and Assisting Art Director for a smaller studio in Sala. I've had publications in magazines such as ImagineFX and 2DArtist Magazine and have a featured article in the book "Sketching from the Imagination: Characters" by 3DTotal.

I am almost entirely self-taught, with a few exceptions for a couple of online courses in digital design and 3D sculpting. I'm always up for a challenge and I’m always keen on pushing myself to become the best I can be. For the future I hope I will be continuing with what I'm doing, becoming better and acquiring more experience in the industry.

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